Hello! Thank you for visiting my site! Below I will answer some common questions about headshot retouching. I have been working in headshot retouching for over 6 years and I know what is appropriate. My goal is to remove the small distractions in an image, such as a blemish or bra strap showing, so that you are the focus other than those details you do not want attention drawn to. I want to enhance the image so that the viewer doesn't even know it has been retouched.

What is included in per image headshot retouching and what is the rate?

My rate is $30 per image. What is included is:
- fixing exposure and color balancing
- removing blemishes
- removing stray hairs
- reducing wrinkles
- lightening under the eye
- brightening eyes/ whitening teeth
- removing spots on clothing

When the work is finished you will receive via email or download three versions per image. These are:
- full size retouched file (with "R" in file name)
- retouched file sized down for web (with "web" in file name- this is for easy email and websites like Casting Networks)
- headshot version set as a printable 8x10 with your name added

Can I ask for retouching requests when I send you the image?
YES! If you have specific things you want me to take care of please let me know. Or, if there are things you don't want touched up such as a mole or piercing. If I have any questions I will let you know.

Can I see a proof before you send me the final images?
YES! If you want to see a proof before I send you the finished versions just let me know and I can email you one. I can always retouch more or less depending on what you want.

Can I choose the font for my name and the layout of the 8x10 headshot version?
YES! You can choose how you want your 8x10 version to look. If you have a font you like I will use it or the closest one I have to it. If you do not specify I will send you a basic headshot layout. Commonly people use a white border but black is also used. Some use no border at all and put the name within the image. Here are some examples of different ways your headshot can look:

I have a some different photos that I would like to make a composite card for, can you do that?
YES! Typically a composite is used more for print work than acting and consists of one main photo on one side and four on the back. If you are interested in putting together a comp card of multiple shots you have please contact me and I will give you a price estimate. Here are some comp card examples:

How long does retouching take once I send you the image?
Typically I can return a finished headshot in 2-4 business days. If you have a deadline please make me aware of it.

How do I pay for your service?
I will send you an invoice and you can either mail a check or I can send a PayPal request so that you can pay with a credit card.

Can you crop my photo?
YES! If you would like a photo cropped, for example from a 3/4 shot to a headshot, I can do that. I will also send you the full size photo along with the cropped version so you have it in case you need to crop it differently in the future. Just mention how you want it cropped in an email to me.